Sex crimes unit arrests woman linked to shelters abuse

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A woman arrested  in the province of Coclé on Wednesday, March 10  is the sixth person related to the cases of abuse and irregularities in shelters to br apprehended, reported the Office of the Attorney General

According to the entity, the woman was will be presented to a hearing for a sexual offense to the detriment of a minor.

That arrest was ordered by the Sex Crimes Unit of the Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office, together with the Judicial Investigation Directorate.

Five people have already been arrested, three women and two men, who are allegedly involved in child abuse and embezzlement.

On March 4, the Public Ministry made two arrests as part of the investigations for alleged irregularities in shelters guarded by the National Secretariat for Children, Adolescents, and the Family.(Senniaf)

From the investigations carried out in the shelters, 20 victims have been identified. 


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Interesting shot ....a.department that certainly needs slimming down so to speak.

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