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This story is about the police investigation of an American found with two underage girls recently in a Medellín Colombia hotel.   This attempted sexual abuse of minors in Colombia was recently discovered, after a 36-year-old United States citizen was surprised at the Gotham Hotel in Medellín by police, with the two 12 and 13 year old girls.  Timothy Alan Livingston, from Ohio, is the man identified by the Antioquia authorities in Colombia, on Thursday March 28th in El Poblado, an exclusive sector of the city of Medellín Colombia.  It would appear that he had intentions of sexually abusing these young girls. 

Livingston was arrested after the Metropolitan Police and the Children and Adolescents authorities received an alert from another citizen who saw the three of them at the scene.  The man, who reacted aggressively, was taken to one of the city's Protective Transfer Centers: "There he remained for around 12 hours where he was identified, reported the mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez.  However Livingston fled Colombia the next day heading to the city of Fort Lauderdale in Florida.  “I want the whole world to know who this depraved person is, not only in Colombia, but in the United States or in any other country; Someone who believes that they can come to our city to do whatever they want with our children and adolescents is very wrong and I want people everywhere to release that name so that at least, if he escapes justice in Colombia, he will know public ridicule and that there are social consequences," said Federico Gutiérrez. 

The mayor took the responsibility of announcing the identity of this alleged child abuser: “We want the whole world to know the name of this person, for all the media to reproduce this news. This 36-year-old American is called Timothy Alan Livingston. “We are going to pursue this case until justice is done,” he said emphatically.  On the other hand, he reported that he will seek to issue an asset forfeiture measure against the Gotham Hotel, the place where the American was found with the two girls, and made it clear that if necessary he will request the extradition of Livingston.  While the judicial process continues, the two minors are receiving medical and psychological care in a hospital in the city. Citizens around the globe have been finding personal information about this person and are making it viral on social networks.