Most Wanted: Timothy Alan Livingston a 36-year-old American

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This story is going International.  President Gustavo Petro of Colombia announced that his Government will make an official request to the United States government for the extradition of Timothy Alan Livingston a 36-year-old American, who allegedly sexually molested two 12 and 13 year old girls in the Gotham Hotel on Carrera 37 and Calle 8A, in the Primavera road sector of Poblado, Medellín on March 28th. The president will also ask for a report why the pedophile managed to flee Colombia and if the police were paid a bribe to allow the escape. 

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez announced that Timothy Alan Livingston was detained for 12 hours by the Children and Adolescents Police, but somehow regained his freedom last Friday morning, returned to the hotel to collect his belongings and went to the José María Córdova airport in Rionegro to take a direct flight to Fort Lauderdale, United States. Gutiérrez publicly announced “I want the whole world to know who this depraved person is, because I want it not only to be known in Colombia, but to be known in the United States or in any country. Someone who believes that they can come to our city to do whatever they want with our children and adolescents are very wrong and I want people everywhere to replicate that name in social media.”


The director of the Medellín Prosecutor's Office, Yiri Milena Amado, explained that Timothy Alan Livingston was granted freedom because the 12 and 13 year old girls in question claimed to be of legal age so there should not be an issue. It was only later that the age of the victims was confirmed, and at that point, a process was initiated against Timothy Alan Livingston who had left the country.  Based on the fact of the minors ages, coordinated work began between the Colombian and North American authorities to find the whereabouts of Timothy Alan Livingston. Gutiérrez announced that an alert had been issued in the United States to expedite the search for Livingston so that “he pays for his crime in Colombia or pays there in the United States” and President Gustavo Petro of Colombia wanted him “held responsible for these deviant acts.”


At this moment, the alleged abuser is a fugitive from justice and is wanted by Colombian and North American authorities. The Gotham Hotel, for its part, is closed for 10 days while the investigation continues.  Once the president's intention was known, the mayor of Medellín supported the decision and asked the national government to work hand in hand with the district authorities to combat the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.  “We are already coordinating with agencies of the United States Government to seek justice. I hope the extradition is achieved,” said Mayor Gutiérrez and added: “Let's fight together for the children of Colombia. Coordination with national entities is essential. It is needed to be able to act from the regions.”  It was stated that any hotel in Colombia that takes part in such activities will be shut down and the owners of the hotel will forfeit their investment.