Prioritizing complaints against Martinelli prosecutor queried

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Complaints against Supreme Court  Judge Harry Diaz who is serving as prosecutor of ex-president  Ricardo Martinelli in his wiretapping case have been moved to the top of the list of multiple denunciations being examined by the National Assembly credentials committee headed by Deputy Sergio Gálvez.

Gálvez who plans to team up with Martinelli in a bid to take control of Panama’s mayoralty denies that there is any political motivation in the move.

Annette Planells, leader of the Independent Movement (Movin), told La Prensa that being the deputy and president of the Credentials  Committee and running partner of Martinelli for the Mayorship of Panama,    “is obviously a conflict of interest”.

[caption id="attachment_59708" align="alignleft" width="272"] Sergio Galvez[/caption]

"It is incredible how a position as the chair of the Credentials and  Ethics  Committee is being chaired by a deputy so questioned and that he is using the position to try to impede the case of Ricardo Martinelli," she said.

The lawyer Ernesto Cedeño said that the move generates suspicion.

He recalled that there  js a complaint against deputies   who charge double compensation presented in court and  who  have declined to attend and  was referred to the Credentials

Gálvez denied that there is any political interest or any relationship to the Martinelli and assured that the 14 complaints that are filed in this office will be dealt with.

He said that there are complaints against magistrates, against the President and Vice-president of the Republic. 'When I finish my administration I will leave this office with zero complaints. I am going to clean this Commission, I am the president of this Commission, the law gives me power. I chose this case, once we close it, admit it or not, other cases come, said  Gálvez.

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Richard Charron

I guess it's all in how you define ethics. Remember this is a third world country. This reminds me of the United Nations appointing Iraq under Hussein a member of the human rights commission. I believe Iran is now on that commission as well as several other countries of questionable values.

9 months ago

So, let's see if I got the actors straight:. Sexual-Gorilla Galvez who plans to team up with the same political party as Alleged-Mega-Criminal Martinelli is chair of the Ethics Committee. Anyone not see the conflict?

9 months ago
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