Martinelli trial suspended once again

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Prosecutor Ricardo González revealed on Friday, October 15, that he will present a new witness to the interceptions of communications in the trial of former President Ricardo Martinelli.

González did not identify the new witness, but it emerged that it is the PRD leader and former presidential candidate Balbina Herrera, who is also one of the plaintiffs reports La Prensa.

The oral trial was resumed after it was suspended at noon on Wednesday, October 13 due to health problems of Judge Jennifer Saavedra, who is one of the three that make up the Oral Trial Court.

The three judges agreed to the request of the defense o suspend the trial until Monday at 9:00 am

The group of defenders said that due to the cross-examination of the PRD leader Mitchell Doens, the trial would be suspended and the afternoon session will not take place this Friday, October 15.

They also based their request on the fact that a new witness would appear in the case.



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George Klk

Panama: Martinelli Trial Suspension Long Overdue for Justice... from 2018 - Link. The long winding road of Martinelli trials from nearly the beginning. Judges said pressured to favor Martinelli... Posted: 11/12/2018. Link: What happened in this case and what about the witness? Martinelli trials and now an attack on the former president Varela's brother! An attack with Martinelli supposedly severe spinal cord surgery and... Martinelli is nearly 70 Years old, born March 11, 1952. The trial is an embarrassment with a saturated corrupted government. Panama appears to be more transparent with the news report from La Prensa. Money appears to be allocated to fight the Covid-19 destruction to the Panama economy. At this point, President Cortizo appears transparent but I still have my doubts with the legal system. Do I really want to review all the trials going back to Martinelli wiretap underground operation? No. But, I need to keep informed and come up with more over-looked facts of Martinelli's case. Recently, I was warned there is an attack on... [my computer to steal my information from Newsroom Panama]. Why would they do that? I had to wait hours to get back finally to my unceasing flare for my readers annoyance. But truly, who is the major annoyance in the first place? Imagine a nearly 70 year old former Panama president - Martinelli, attack in public a... former Panama president Varela brother with physical aggressive hand strikes with this ongoing years of trials. Will the Panama Court ever get to the bottom of this case? Well, stay tune for a report from the Gk's Panama News Perspective live from the United States. All I remember of a Martinelli trial was the time a magistrate by the name of Jose Ayu Prado favored Martinelli in a wiretap case with a witness back in... 2018! presided over

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Absolute mastery of fiddle farting

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