Bloody weekend - 7 murders in 8 hours

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Between 8:50 p.m. on Saturday and 4:00 a.m. Sunday, 7 people were murdered in various sectors of the province of Panama and Colón.

- 8:50 pm Two homicides in Pradera Azul Verona, on December 24

- 9:15 pm A homicide on Calle 82, Parque Lefevre

- 9:50 pm A homicide in Limón, province of Colón

- 1:50 am A homicide in sector 4 of December 24

- 2:20 am A homicide in Viñedo, Las Garzas

- 4:00 am A homicide in Alto de Los Lagos, province of Colón

* Total: 7 homicides in 8 hours


Double homicide on December 24

The first acts of blood in this string of homicides occurred on the night of Saturday June 3 on Pradera Azul Verona street, on December 24, where two people lost their lives.

According to witnesses, one of the victims was the husband of an influencer. The shot men were taken to a nearby hospital, but lost their lives.