Waked Money Laundering Organization names

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A FULL  LIST of individuals and companies linked to the Waked money laundering organization  was issued by the  Citizen Services (ACS) Unit at the U.S. Embassy in Panama  on Thursday May 5.

With it went a warning to  U.S. citizens that, nationals and permanent resident aliens, regardless of where they are located, are prohibited from engaging in transactions with thes persons and entities listed.

The names and identifying information of the eight foreign individuals and 69 entities involved:

ABU DAWUD, Musa (a.k.a. ABOU DAOUD, Moussa; a.k.a. BOURAHLA, Moussa; a.k.a. MOUSSA, Bourahla; a.k.a. "ABOU DAOUD"); DOB 1958 to 1960; POB Cap Djinet, Algeria (individual) [SDGT].

CASTRO MONTOTO, Norman Douglas; DOB 06 Jul 1962; citizen Panama; Passport 1871296 (Panama) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: WAKED MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZATION).

TOUZARD ROMO, Lucia, Ave. Samuel Lewis y Calle 54, Urb. Obarrio Torre Generali, piso 11, Apartado 0831-02-513, Panama, Panama; DOB 24 Jan 1971; POB Panama; citizen Panama; Passport 0159068 (Panama) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: WAKED MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZATION).

WAKED DARWICH, Mohamed Abdo (a.k.a. WAKED DARWICH, Hamudi); DOB 30 Aug 1977; POB Colombia; citizen Panama; Cedula No. N-19-828 (Panama) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: WAKED MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZATION).

WAKED FARES, Abdul Mohamed; DOB 19 Dec 1949; alt. DOB 09 Dec 1949; POB Kamed El Louz, Lebanon; citizen Panama; alt. citizen Lebanon; alt. citizen Colombia; Cedula No. N-19-804 (Panama); Passport 1640816 (Panama) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: WAKED MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZATION).

WAKED HATUM, Ali; DOB 28 Aug 1972; Cedula No. N-19-612 (Panama) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: WAKED MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZATION).

WAKED HATUM, Gazy (a.k.a. WAKED HATUM, Ghazi); DOB 17 Sep 1973; POB Colombia; citizen Colombia; Cedula No. N-19624 (Panama) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: WAKED MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZATION).

WAKED HATUM, Jalal Ahmed (a.k.a. WAKED HATOUM, Jalal); DOB 18 Oct 1976; POB Colombia; citizen Panama; alt. citizen Colombia; Cedula No. 3-700-2344 (Panama); Passport 0091672 (Panama); alt. Passport 1426177 (Panama); alt. Passport 1706460 (Panama) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: WAKED MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZATION).

WAKED HATUM, Nidal Ahmed (a.k.a. WAKED HATOUM, Nidal); DOB 26 Jul 1971; alt. DOB 16 Jul 1971; alt. DOB 02 Aug 1971; POB Barranquilla, Colombia; citizen Spain; alt. citizen Colombia; alt. citizen Panama; Cedula No. N-19-680 (Panama); Passport 1000272479 (Panama); alt. Passport AAI105713 (Spain); National ID No. 0662764600 (Spain); alt. National ID No. A06627646N (Spain) (individual) [SDNTK] (Linked To: WAKED MONEY LAUNDERING ORGANIZATION).

The following entities have been added to OFAC's SDN List:

A.M. WAKED E HIJOS, S.A., Panama; RUC # 26961-10-226532 (Panama) [SDNTK].

ABIF INVESTMENT, S.A., Panama; RUC # 2022799-1-743641 (Panama) [SDNTK].

ADJUSTMENT BUSINESS CORP., Panama; RUC # 264715-1-405109 (Panama) [SDNTK].

ADMINISTRACION MILLENIUM PLAZA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1050723-1-547544 (Panama) [SDNTK].

ALBORADA GARDENS, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1992533-1-738897 (Panama) [SDNTK].

ALBORADA S.A., Panama; RUC # 63628-51-355574 (Panama) [SDNTK].

BALBOA BANK & TRUST, CORP. (a.k.a. BALBOA BANK AND TRUST, CORP.), Edificio Balboa Bank & Trust, Calle 50 y Calle Beatriz Maria Cabal, Panama, Panama; SWIFT/BIC BTACPAPA; RUC # 4199990-1-427208 (Panama) [SDNTK].

BALBOA SECURITIES, CORP., Edificio Balboa Bank & Trust, Calle 50 y Calle Beatriz Maria Cabal, Panama, Panama; RUC # 965431-1-528815 (Panama) [SDNTK].

BIENES RAICES DEL CARIBE, S.A., Panama; RUC # 72212-1-374180 (Panama) [SDNTK].

CACIQUE 1 S.A., Panama; RUC # 155598483-2-2015 (Panama) [SDNTK].

CORPORACION MARITIMA DE COLON, S.A., Panama; RUC # 44053-63-293930 (Panama); alt. RUC # 44503-63-293930 (Panama) [SDNTK].

DESARROLLO URBANISTICO DEL ATLANTICO, S.A. (a.k.a. "D.U.A.S.A."), Panama; RUC # 30564-13-239335 (Panama) [SDNTK].

DISTRIBUIDORA MARBELLA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 11542-26-115837 (Panama) [SDNTK].

FELIX B. MADURO S.A., Panama; RUC # 811226-1-498041 (Panama); alt. RUC # 78-273-13798 (Panama) [SDNTK].

FOOD COURT PLAZA MILENIO, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1103474-1-560398 (Panama) [SDNTK].

FRANQUICIAS MULTIPLES S.A., Panama; RUC # 1874692-1-717842 (Panama) [SDNTK].

GLENDOR FINANCE S.A., Panama; RUC # 2041747-1-746484 (Panama) [SDNTK].

GRUPO CEDRO PANAMA S.A.; RUC # 2039933-1-746238 (Panama) [SDNTK].

GRUPO CIMA PANAMA, S.A., Calle 15 Y Avenida Roosevelt, Colon Free Zone, Panama; PO Box 3294, Panama City, Panama; RUC # 408392-1-425571 (Panama); alt. RUC # 425571-1-408392 (Panama) [SDNTK].

GRUPO LA RIVIERA PANAMA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 2038708-1-745998 (Panama) [SDNTK].

GRUPO W S.A. (a.k.a. "HOMETEK"), Pueblo Nuevo Calle 22 Edificio La Galera Local 8, Panama, Panama; RUC # 4067941425327 (Panama) [SDNTK].

GRUPO WISA, S.A. (a.k.a. LA RIVIERA), Calle 15 entre Avenida Santa Isabel y Avenida Roosevelt, Zona Libre de Colon, Colon, Panama; Torre Generali, Piso 11 y 12, Calle 54 Este y Avenida Samuel Lewis, Panama, Panama; Colombia; Guatemala; Belize; Costa Rica; El Salvador; Mexico; Bolivia; Honduras; Nicaragua; Uruguay; RUC # 645451-1-458900 (Panama) [SDNTK].

HACIENDA PAULISTA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 466985-1-433708 (Panama) [SDNTK].

HERMANOS WAKED, S.A., Panama; RUC # 466694-1-433666 (Panama) [SDNTK].

HN Y N (HOT NEWS Y NEWS) PUBLICIDAD, S.A., Panama; RUC # 715153-1-471751 (Panama) [SDNTK].

HOTELERA MUNDIAL, S.A., Panama; RUC # 22515-10-201355 (Panama) [SDNTK].

IMPORTADORA MADURO, S.A., Panama; RUC # 558-472-101708 (Panama) [SDNTK].

INMOBILIARIA J & M CORP (a.k.a. INMOBILIARIA J AND M CORP), Panama; RUC # 884675-1-511785 (Panama) [SDNTK].

INMOBILIARIA MULTI-TIENDAS, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1008619-1-537654 (Panama) [SDNTK].

INMOBILIARIA ROYPAL, S.A., Panama; RUC # 46966-79-305611 (Panama) [SDNTK].

INVERSIONES DEL ATLANTICO, LTD., Panama; RUC # 951371-1-526012 (Panama) [SDNTK].

INVERSIONES LDT, S.A., Panama; RUC # 40136-117-278301 (Panama) [SDNTK].

INVERSIONES MP, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1603791-1-666816 (Panama) [SDNTK].

LA GRAN BODEGA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 580601-1-448114 (Panama) [SDNTK].

LA GRAN VIA ZONA LIBRE, S.A., Panama; RUC # 26025-152-221903 (Panama); alt. RUC # 26025-152-221909 (Panama) [SDNTK].

LA RIVIERA, PANAMA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 556399-1-444264 (Panama) [SDNTK].

LAGUNA MAR INTERNACIONAL, S.A., Panama; RUC # 212214-1-397111 (Panama) [SDNTK].

MADURO INTERNACIONAL, S.A., Panama; RUC # 5651-184-69069 (Panama) [SDNTK].

MALALA 786, S.A., Panama; RUC # 2300164-1-789790 (Panama) [SDNTK].

MAWA ENTERPRISES, CORP., Panama; RUC # 37255-145-266651 (Panama) [SDNTK].

MEDAL INVERSIONES, S.A., Panama; RUC # 62962-44-353646 (Panama) [SDNTK].

NARANJO ABAJO, S.A., Panama; RUC # 657-564-1462 (Panama); alt. RUC # 657-564-14620 (Panama) [SDNTK].

NUTRISHOP, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1013362-1-538789 (Panama) [SDNTK].

PANAMA BIG GAME FISHING, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1538534-1-655100 (Panama) [SDNTK].

PANAMA-CHILE INTERNACIONAL, S.A., Panama; RUC # 883961-1-511666 (Panama) [SDNTK].

PANLI HOLDINGS, INC., Panama; RUC # 144868-1-384842 (Panama) [SDNTK].

PERSHORE INVESTMENTS S.A., Edificio Balboa Bank & Trust, Calle 50 y Calle Beatriz Maria Cabal, Panama, Panama; RUC # 1420780-1-631797 (Panama) [SDNTK].

PLAZA MILENIO, S.A. (a.k.a. MILLENNIUM PLAZA, S.A.), Panama; RUC # 15280-1-366202 (Panama) [SDNTK].

RESCATES MARINOS, S.A., Panama; RUC # 1192450-1-580499 (Panama) [SDNTK].

RESIDENCIAL CANAL VIEW, S.A., Panama; RUC # 22723-133-202910 (Panama) [SDNTK].

SEGOVIA IMPORT & EXPORT CORP. (a.k.a. SEGOVIA IMPORT AND EXPORT CORP.), Panama; RUC # 1153864-1-572287 (Panama) [SDNTK].

SERVICIO DE EQUIPO RODANTE INCORPORADO (a.k.a. "SER INC."), Calle 16 y Ave. Roosevelt Edif. Vida Panama, Zona Libre, Colon, Panama; P.O. Box No. 1578, Zona Libre, Colon, Panama; RUC # 16143-166-154062 (Panama) [SDNTK].

SISTEMA CORESCO, S.A., Panama; RUC # 59784-2-345231 (Panama); alt. RUC # 1776589-1-345231 (Panama) [SDNTK].

SOHO DEVELOPERS, INC., Panama; RUC # 2046910-1-747341 (Panama) [SDNTK].

SOHO PANAMA, S.A. (a.k.a. SOHO MALL PANAMA), Calle 50 (entre Calle 54 y 56), Panama, Panama; RUC # 2422734-1-808115 (Panama) [SDNTK].

STRATEGIC INVESTORS GROUP INC. (a.k.a. "SI GROUP"), Edificio Balboa Bank & Trust, Calle 50 y Calle Beatriz Maria Cabal, Panama, Panama; RUC # 1649734-1-675348 (Panama) [SDNTK].

STRATEGIC OIL CORP., Edificio Balboa Bank & Trust, Calle 50 y Calle Beatriz Maria Cabal, Panama, Panama; RUC # 2432399-1-809429 (Panama) [SDNTK].

TATUNG INTERNACIONAL, S.A., Panama; RUC # 41534-72-284178 (Panama) [SDNTK].

TROLL PROPERTIES, INC., Panama; RUC # 991715-1-534344 (Panama) [SDNTK].

URBANIZACION ALHAMBRA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 998416-1-535687 (Panama) [SDNTK].

V.P. PROPERTIES, INC., Panama; RUC # 2384195-1-802594 (Panama) [SDNTK].

VIDA PANAMA (ZONA LIBRE) S.A., Enrique A. Jimenez y Calle 16, Zona Libre de Colon, Colon, Panama; RUC # 238590056210046 (Panama) [SDNTK].

VISION 20-20, S.A., Panama; RUC # 2107640-1-757913 (Panama) [SDNTK].


WAKED INTERNACIONAL PANAMA, S.A., Panama; RUC # 197517-1-394851 (Panama) [SDNTK].


WAREHOUSE OUTLETS, S.A., Panama; RUC # 61872-33-350508 (Panama) [SDNTK].

WAYSIDE CORPORATION, Panama; RUC # 10415-108-106338 (Panama) [SDNTK].

WESTLINE ENTERPRISES, INC., Panama; RUC # 1351606-1-617448 (Panama) [SDNTK].

XZACT, INC., Panama; RUC # 697297-1-467988 (Panama) [SDNTK].