Trump gives Panamanian highest civilian award

1,828Views 0Comments Posted 16/09/2019

Panamanian pitching legend Mariano Rivera received the Freedom Medal, from President Donald Trump at a White House ceremony on Monday, September 16.

The award is the highest recognition that the US government can grant to a civilian.

Rivera is recognized for his achievements in the United  States Major League Baseball  and for his collaboration with the Trump government

"Off the field, through the Mariano Rivera Foundation, he  has helped provide education to children in need, enabling them to achieve a better future," said a statement posted on the White House website. "The United States proudly honors Mariano Rivera for being a baseball game legend and for his commitment to strengthening the communities of the United States."

In early September, Trump awarded the medal to professional basketball player Jerry West. In August, he had done the same with former basketball player Bob Cousy

.Golfer Tiger Woods received the same award earlier in the year. 2019 has been one of the unforgettable years for Rivera, after being unanimously elected to the  Baseball Hall of Fame.

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