Son of Martinelli awaiting plane ticket to face US trial

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On Wednesday, October 13, 2021, the file of Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares,  delivered to the US Embassy in Guatemala  by The Foreign Ministry of Guatemala  formally authorizing , his extradition to the United States to face money laundering   charges

The document was awaiting corrections by the competent courts, to be delivered to the diplomatic headquarters and was the only protocol that was missing.

The information was confirmed by journalist Sergio Osegueda, from Canal Antigua .

Now it is up to the United States Embassy to make the arrangements and reserve the flight that will transport the son of former president Ricardo Martinelli, from the Mariscal Zavala Military Center, where he is detained with his brother Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares.

The two sons of the former President were captured on July 6, 2020, at the request of the United States, where they are required in the Eastern District Court of New York. for the alleged commission of various crimes related to money laundering,

From the moment the date and flight number are confirmed, the Martinelli Linares brothers will separate their paths, since while one will be in the United States, the other will remain in prison in Guatemala.

The extradition process of Ricardo Alberto is still pending resolution in the Third Court of Criminal Sentencing, Drug Trafficking, and Crimes against the Environment.





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George Klk

Panama: Martinelli Court Proceeding Delays Since 2018 will Continue. Martinelli may get out of this with the Panama courts legal system. Long enough delays are all Martinelli needs to campaign for his re-election with impunity. Much of what happens after Martinelli wiggles out of it still leaves the Martinelli brothers. United States will sanction Panama at some point and Martinelli will play ransom games as China played this game, Martinelli sons may be going back to Panama. What a tough headed power maniac, then he will take all the state funds to support his own government and military. United States knows how to play politics and diplomacy with their next-door neighbor on a tiny isthmus. Martinelli is basically 70 years old and all this body slamming will catch up to his ripe old age. All someone really has to do is... antagonize Martinelli... he will stress out as demonstrated!!!

1 month ago
George Klk

Panama: An Actual Fight... Deadly. At one time, Martinelli's lawyer was shot dead in broad daylight in the vicinity of his home! Apparently reported, the lawyer at one time was involved in drug operations. Yet, Martinelli says, Varela is a drug dealer. How would Martinelli know unless someone, maybe this one-time lawyer of corruption told him? Here's what we know... Martinelli used Israeli Pegasus spy equipment against the good guys of our legal system including Judges, Lawyers, business men and journalists. Martinelli has a drug dealer operator from the past as his lawyer who was shot dead. Martinelli released - [hundreds] - of prisoners and fled to Florida, U.S.A. Martinelli bought a mansion and yacht with money to be laundered for a sale in the U.S.A. Martinelli could operate out of his headquarter in Florida, U.S.A. with Ferrugia: Head banker. Martinelli is now worried about what his sons may reveal to the U.S.A. authority's investigation. Martinelli sons may implicate their father damaging his reputation for his campaign re-election. Martinelli has total control of Panama president Cortizo's government as the true power with an Italian, mafia controlled, underground - network - financial - economic operator. Martinelli used an underground pass word such as - THE BOSS - to obtain financial institution untold sum of money without question or an investigation with total non-Transparency! Martinelli use a hand delivered operation to have a large suitcase of money delivered to his door. All indications of a... POWERFUL FIGURE HEAD WHO CONTROLS THE... LEGAL SYSTEM, JUSTICES, LAWYERS, POLICE DEPARTMENT - (BONUSES/PACTS) WITH... EXECUTIVE PARDONED PRISON RELEASED POTENTIAL VOTERS FOR HIS UNDERGROUND POLITICAL OPERATIONS FOR THE MAFIA UNDERWORLD!!! Martinelli demonstrated at nearly 70 years of age he could man-handle his political accusers with physical aggression using slaps, fists and thrashing to hurt or even kill an opponent!!! Panama National Assembly just stands by waiting for the winner of this outcome. The Global Community will need to intervene before the Mafia operation completely takes over Panama and kidnap the whole... FINANCIAL CENTRAL AMERICA MARTIME INDUSTRY WITH A TOTAL... STRONG MAN RICARDO MARTINELLI - POWER DICTATORSHIP!

1 month ago
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