School ceiling collapse predicted by students, staff

STUDENTS and families have protested structural problems

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Parents and staff of the Institute Jose Dolores Moscote in Parque Lefevre complained on Thursday. July 11  that warnings they gave months ago were fulfilled on Wednesday afternoon when the ceiling in the school entrance collapsed during heavy rain. The collapse came just two days after strike protesting conditions had ended.

Protesting families of students  asked the Ministry of Education (Meduca)  for infrastructure improvements because they fear that risks to students and teachers

Meduca authorities, who also arrived on campus, believe that the problem is not in the ceilings, or structures, but in the rain gutters located at the entrance of the school.

The contractor who carried out  $20,000 works on the roof  arrived to meet with Ricardo Sánchez,   Meduca Vice Minister of Infrastructure

 On Monday, July 8, students resumed classes after lifting  a three-week long the strike to demand greater security and the adjustment of school structures, affected by time and vandalism.