President, heightens speculation on meeting with top judge

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SHROUDING his remarks in mystery and pumping up speculation and rumors Panama  President, Juan Carlos Varela, said on Friday, September 1 that he recently spoke with the  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court José Ayú Prado, because he knew of "a very delicate case", without specifying more details.

Varela spoke  during a graduation  ceremony of the Institutional Protection Service and said  that

the irregular situation that he told to Ayú Prado is related to" faults that are not correct".

He said that they are not related to what happened this week in the Supreme Court, but  situations that dated from several weeks ago.

"If I am asked something of a minister, I have to investigate, call the minister and ask  him what's going on here," "Varela explained.

The president indicated that he shared the information with the presiding magistrate of the Supreme Court and hopes that he will take the necessary measures.

On  August 31, Varela told media that he spoke with Ayú Prado to notify him of some irregularities that appear within the Judicial Body.

Varela said he spoke to Ayú Prado 15 days ago. "The President of the Court knows situations that are happening inside the Court that are not good," he said.

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