Pandeportes to file criminal complaint after stadium chair theft

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A criminal complaint will be filed, against Mayer Mizrachi By attorney Mike Vanegas representing Pandeportes after Mizrachit ook a chair from Rommel Fernández stadium.

According to Vanegas, the complaint will be presented to the Attorney General of the Nation.

Mizrachi posted a video on his social networks where he is shown with the stadium chair at the end of the meeting between the teams of Panama and El Salvador on November 16.

"The Panamanian Sports Institute (Pandeportes) cannot stop acting and therefore will file a criminal complaint against the criminal act committed by the citizen Mayer Mizrachi (...) It is a duty and a responsibility to act diligently and we will do so. "Vanegas said in a video posted on social media.

Mizrachi reacted on his Twitter account and described the action of Pandeportes as "correct."

" The action of Pandeportes is correct. As much as I have taken a chair to repair it, it is a crime and I pay attention to the consequences. The message was transmitted to me, although it will not have any effect, " said Mayer Mizrachi.



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Oh ya

The LOOK AT ME crowd has struck again, can't do anything with posting it online. Followed by the LOOK AT HIM crowd of losers that follow the LOOK AT ME crowd

1 month ago
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