Varela pushes for referendum as opposition grows

Juan Carlos Varela

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Opposition to adding a connotational referendum question to the May election continues to mount but President Juan Carlos Varela, reiterated on Wednesday, hat it is the opportunity for citizens to choose the path they consider best to achieve a new democratic and legal framework.

According to the president, the "partisan political agenda seems to be above the Nation's agenda", so "the opportunity that is given to citizens with a citizen's consultation is important".

Varela, who in the dying days of his presidency is  struggling to fulfill a campaign promise believes that  "if approved by the Legislative Assembly - which I think would be the right thing - the people will choose the path to give themselves a new democratic and legal framework that will allow them to move forward after nearly 30 years of our young democracy ".

When questioned on having presented the initiative for a bill that would allow the general election on May 5

to have an additional ballot, where voters can decide whether or not to amend the Constitution,

Varela said  it was done because "now is when almost 3 million taxpayers go out to vote, it is time to listen to the people, that when they vote is when they speak", he said Varela added that the decision made by the people will not be binding for this  government or the next, but the path for "the next elected leaders of the people."

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jose pascado

He's giving the power to the people to decide the framework, and participate in the creation of a new constitution. This is genius, and the only way to end gov, corruption at all levels and dept's as it bypasses the lawmakers who created the current one which protects them from corruption prosecution.

5 months ago

I understand the R. de P. is still working with the constitution from the dictatorship years.

5 months ago

This article does not make clear what specific amendments to the constitution Varela is seeking.

5 months ago
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