Varela, Martinelli, and more called as Italian bribery witnesses

Lavitola when arrested in Rome

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PRESIDENT VARELA and a bunch of key players in the previous administration have been called as witnesses in a case in the Court of Naples (Italy) over the attempt to divert bribes by the Italian Valter Lavítola, in the process for the failed construction of modular prisons in Panama.

Lavitola was a link man between former Italian leaders and officials in the previous administration and was a prominent figure in the Panama social scene until he fled.

On  the basis of the bilateral agreements signed by both countries the court must summon international witnesses,  are former President Ricardo Martinelli; the former Minister of Security, José Raúl Mulino; the ex-director of the National Police, Gustavo Pérez; the former head of the Security Council, Alejandro Garuz; former Mayor Roxana reports Radio Panama.

The next hearing will be on January 24, 2019.


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Richard Charron

If I understand what is written, does this mean that Martinelli will be going to Italy to testify? If so I'll bet he never comes back. His lawyer's will drum up some reason why he is being persecuted in his home country.

7 months ago
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