Uber's future rests with ATTT

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THE FUTURE of Uber  in Panama is in the hands of the Transit  Authority,( ATTT)  after complaints filed by the city’s taxi drivers.

Rubén Chávez Deputy director of the Authority said Tuesday August 30  that the agency will review the response submitted by Uber in response to the  taxi drivers complaint through the National Chamber of Transport.

Chávez said the ATTT is reviewing the service provided by Uber, which has been sued by taxi drivers who argue that the company provides an illegal service. The complaint against Uber was filed Aug. 17.

Illegality claim
The taxi drivers and owners claim that  Uber is illegally collecting fares by both credit cards and cash

 Panama Uber Manager Juan Pablo Restrepo said that the service the company offers is through a platform that is different than the ones covered by the law of selective transport.

Restrepo insists that the service should be regulated by laws regulating private transport.

That law, passed in 1956, covers services such as chauffeurs.

Uber authorities also appeared before the National Assembly Transportation Committee on Wednesday.

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Richard Charron

Uber is currently active and operational throughout most of the civilized world with a great deal of success. Many travelers depend on them as reliable transportation while traveling abroad. To ban their existence in Panama would be going backwards in the pursuit of tourism. I certainly hope something can be worked out to include Uber in the transportation needs of the country.

4 years ago
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