Ruben Blades issues Womens Day manifesto

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RUBEN  BLADES, Panama’s  multi Grammy awards  winner and  a potential  presidential candidate has called on all the presidents of America,  and their legislators,   to adopt a three part manifesto dedicated to women

A statement reads :

The March 8,  "International day of the woman", was established globally to recognize the importance of women in our lives and their contribution to world social development.
But if we really want to support women and their role, I would suggest to the presidents of America and to the legislative bodies of their governments to consider these recommendations that I respectfully submit:
1. Propose and approve alaw to ensure that a woman gets the same salary as man for the same work. that today suffers. There is no rational spiritual,or legal explanation, rhat justifies wage discrimination. Discrimination.
2. Strengthen the laws that punish domestic abuse and violence against women and create social awareness programs to educate society to avoid or reduce this violence, which also includes the so-called "bullying" in our educational institutions.
3. Offer more public spaces to women by name in ministerial positions and governmental entities and,, ensure their access to a percentage of the posts of choice and internal administration of their respective political parties.
These three points would help to truly acknowledge their  contribution and to strengthen the future of women as members of our society, supporting their  contributions and creating more and better opportunities to ensure and increase the possibility of their  participation, social and political .
That is not limited to a symbolic representation called, "the day of the woman".
To all women, our respect, recognition and appreciation, all the days of our life.

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