Panamas World Cup debut, awash in dollars

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The five matches played at the Rommel Fernández stadium during the hexagonal phase of the 2018 Russia World Cup brought in $2,367, 308  and an attendance of 120,527 fans according to the Panama Football Federation (Fepafut).

The money goes towards,   the operating expenses of the Panamanian team, which qualified for the World Cup for the first time.

The 10 matches played by the Panamanian team in the hexagonal phase cost Fepafut a total of $2,19,282

FIFA. The world’s most powerful sporting body will provide $1.5 million for the preparation of each of the 32 teams who will compete in Russia. Teams eliminated in the group stage will receive $8 million and the Tournament champion will win $38 million.

Fepafut had announced that Panama's qualification for the 2018 World Cup cost approximately $9,348,000.

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Richard Charron

If we could only spend the money on education that we do on sports what a better world this would be. I suppose if you follow the money in this case you will come up with the same conclusion as always. Somebody is getting rich while the little people pay dearly to be entertained.

4 years ago
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