Panama withdraws ambassador from Venezuela

Panama Foreign Minister Isabel Saint Malo

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PANAMA’S spat with Venezuela intensified on Thursday, April  5 with the announcement that it is withdrawing its ambassador from Venezuela and has asked the authorities of that country to to remove their representative from  Panamanian soil says the Foreign Ministry.

The move follows the notice published earlier in the day by the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, on the suspension of all economic relations, commercial and financial with some Panamanian officials and companies” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"After analyzing Venezuela's measures, the Panamanian government considers that it is a political reaction that lacks sustenance, and is adopted outside the international legal framework, adopted in retaliation for the actions announced by Panama. Therefore, the Government of Panama has decided to withdraw its Ambassador in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Miguel Mejía, and asks the Venezuelan Government to withdraw its accredited Ambassador in Panama, Jorge Durán Centeno, "

The Foreign Ministry stated that other actions are being evaluated.


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Candid Curmudgeon

Good. More countries need to shun Venezuela until Maduro is removed.

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