Bad timing for Marta Martinelli anointment

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THE BOARD Of the Cambio Democrático (CD) Party  named Marta Martinelli, wife of the  party leader, self exiled Ricardo Martinelli,  as a director on Thursday, December 22.

The timing of the early Christmas gift was unfortunate.

It came on the same day that  news went around the world  of the $59 million  in coima, (bribes) handed out by the Odebrecht Company  during the five years that Martinelli and the party he founded  ruled the roost.

Early stories revealed that a high ranking member of the government arranged for $6 million of palm greasing funds to move from Odebrecht through a network of offshore accounts to two relatives.

As the rumor mills buzzed, with no lollipop for guessing the names,  things got worse for the already divided CD party and their new board member.

The next day it was reported that the $6 million went to  Martinelli’s sons.

Martinelli, has been self­ exiled in the United States since January 2015 while Panama tries to figure out a way to get him to face trial on multi corruption and wire tapping charges.

If found guilty in  even half the cases, he could be facing up to 40 years behind bars, so it seems unlikely that his private jet will be heading for Panama any time soon

[caption id="attachment_66728" align="alignleft" width="300"] Ricardo Martinelli and his sons Enrique and Ricardo. All three have fled Panama[/caption]

His two sons also fled the country when other malfeasance activities came to light.Their whereabouts are unknown.

Gossip in political circles has come up with the outlandish suggestion that Martinelli would return to run for mayor, while his wife would be a CD presidential candidate.

Salesmen selling ice popsicles in the Yukon will fare better.

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The partnership of delusion and repubs appear to be chronic and endemic.

2 years ago

Just call in Adolf Trump.....he can fix everything!!!

2 years ago
Tom Wallace

The systematic (cultural) corruption in Panama continues unabated...and it will continue: forever.

2 years ago
GI Joe

Self destruction and democrats seem to be universal.

2 years ago
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