New Judges named Nov. 21 need speedy Assembly action

Varela poses for selfie in China

219Views 0Comments Posted 10/11/2018

Back from China, President  Varela on Saturday, November 10  called for speedy action by the National Assembly when he names on November 21, the new Supreme Court judges to replace Jerónimo Mejía and Oydén

He made the announcement on Saturday, November 10. After naming them he will send the designations to the National Assembly for ratification. He said that the Cabinet Council will meet by Nov 21, when extraordinary sessions will be convened for the Assembly, to ratify  the magistrates and propose several bills

"The agenda will be extensive the deputies are going to have to speed up the debate to be able to accept or reject what we are going to propose," the president said.

In addition to the ratification of the magistrates, the Executive will send to the Assembly for approval the Tax Evasion Law, the Panama Pacifico Law, and the ratification of directors of the Savings Bank and the National Bank of Panama.

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