National Park boundaries shrunk

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ANOTHER 185 hectares  OF The Parque Nacional Camino de Cruces (PNCC) has been  chopped off the map  so that  forested areas of Clayton and other lands adjacent to the Panama Canal basin can be used for "sports, cultural and social interest."

An administrative resolution, dated July 5 and signed by Minister of the Environment Mirei Endara, redefines the limits of the PNCC. The resolution was published Tuesday in the Government Gazette.

The noice  established a term of six months, starting from the enactment of the law, to redefine the boundaries of the park. It stated that "of the 4,876 hectares of the park, 75 hectares of wooded area in the reverted areas of Clayton, will be for cultural, sporting, recreational or educational purposes, and another 110 hectares located inside the Canal basin in the sector of Arraijan will be used for projects of social interest."

Director of Protected Areas and Wildlife Samuel Valdés justifies the changes by saying they have been in the works since 2003, and that it fulfills a " commitment with the community" made in 2012.

He also said the changes are needed to "safeguard the integrity of the park." Reports La Prensa

The capital's deputy mayor, Raisa Banfield, warneds of potential 'danger' to the wooded area of the C Park that was not included in the new limits approved by the Ministry of Environment. in 2014, the Camino de Cruces National Park lost some 500 hectares for the  Martinell era construction of the Hospital City  and Cold Chain.


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