Mexico playing mind games with Panama soccer team

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PANAMA’S soccer coach Julio Dely Valdes believes that Mexico is practicing psychological warfare in advance of the World Cup qualifying fixture between the two countries.

Mexico, under a new coach following recent dismal performances, including two losses to Panama in the Concacaf Gold Cup, will face Panama again on October 11,

The game could define the aspirations of both teams to go to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil .
Dely Valdes stepped in to say that Panama would not accept a change of time for the game , since the Mexican federation raised the possibility a game at Azteca stadium .
" The schedule against Mexico cannot be changed and is scheduled at 8:30 pm. Panama will not accept a change ," Dely Valdes said according to Mexican media following n interview he gave to the program Passion W.
Mexico announced that new coach Victor Manuel Vucetich is experienced and they are confident to take the six points at stake in the last two dates of the CONCACAF hexagonal round .

" Surely Vucetich is doing psychological work , but Mexico remains for us avery difficult opponent ," said Panama;s coach.
Dely Valdes mentioned the little activity that thePanama’s captain Felipe Sele has had with Baloy in the Mexican league and it showed in the last match against Honduras .

" Very disturbing , very disturbing because Felipe is a very important player for us and the other day in Honduras his lack of playing time showed . That hurt us.”
In the round of CONCACAF , United States ( 16 points) and Costa Rica ( 15 )have qualified.. Honduras (11 ) , Panama (8 ) Mexico ( 8) and Jamaica (4 ) have to fight for the third position. The fourth team would have to face New Zealand for a chance to go to Brazil
Jamaica only has possibility for the second option.

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