Martinelli heads for hypertension check

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Ex-president Ricardo Martinelli,  made another trip from the El Renacer prison to the Santo Tomas Hospital on Monday, November 5. after having suffered vomiting and a hypertenion “crisis” according to a Twitter message  from his spokesman, Luis Eduardo Camacho who is part of the Martinelli legal team that has  had several requests  for his transfer to house arrest denied,

Close friends of Martinelli who have not seen him recently told TVN that his condition is serious,

Martinelli who returns to court this month for the continuation of his hearing for illegal wiretapping and embezzlement, with the prosecution calling for a 21-year jail term.

Previous visits to the hospital have led to examinations by a medical forensic team, and Martinelli has been returned to detention.

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Josimar Francis

True that man, he is just toying the system like always, but unfortunately the law system in Panama has big holes where corruption can hide and do as they please.

5 months ago
Richard Charron

Hypertension (otherwise known as high blood pressure) can be controlled with a few daily pills. There is no need for a hospital visit. This guy is going to continue milking the system until he is told "NO".

5 months ago
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