Gasoline prices down for Friday

FUELS will come down in price starting Friday, October 26. The 95-octane gasoline will drop .045 cents per liter or .17 per gallon. A liter will sell at .86  cents and a gallon at $3.28 in the provinces of Panama and Colon. The 91 octane will decrease 05 per liter or.18 per gallon, to sell at 82 cents a liter and $3.13 dollars a gallon. Low sulfur diesel will only drop .01 per liter or.06 per gallon. to.81 a liter or $3.10 dollars a gallon Prices remain in effect until Nov. 9.

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Please don´t use gallons because it´s irrelevant with a metric system used here. 95 Octane goes down from 0.914 to 0.869 (-0.045) / Liter 91 Octane goes down from 0.877 to 0.827 (-0.05) / Liter Diesel LS goes down from 0.835 to 0.819 (-0.016) / Liter If we do the math, do it right with three decimals as per market price. Because if I take the 95 with two decimals, 0.91 - 0.86 = 0.05 Cents and it should be 0.045...... Sorry I´m a bit picky on math and numbers.

2 years ago
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