City hall admits mistakes in construction projects

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City Hall, headed by acting mayor Raisa Banfield continues its efforts to soothe residents and businesses in and around the long-delayed construction projects on Via Argentina and Calle Uruguay that have led to closed businesses.

The representative of Bella Vista, Ricardo Domínguez, accompanied by Banfield have finally admitted that both projects are at least two months behind schedule,  but lay the blame on the month-long construction strike.

Dominguez explained that infrastructures were over  50 years old and caused problems, such as floods and pressure changes in the pipes of the buildings.

In addition, in a citizen consultation, there was a great acceptance for the creation of a public space in Einstein Square, in El Cangrejo.

Andrés Bello Park is expected to be inaugurated again between October 31 and November 15.

Meanwhile, acting mayor, Banfield, said that there is a great ignorance about the integral project that is being carried out.

She said that this is an infrastructure work that integrates pedestrian mobility, the residences, and businesses in V Via Argentina.

"Without excusing our mistakes, we had to reinforce inspections to finish these works so that  Argentina be a model for the capital city, " she said.

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David G

Now that Via Argentina is going to be 'officially' a one-lane street each way (due to the new intersections), they should have considered putting in an underground parking garage under the park that was also getting renovated at the same time. More parking, less congestion, win/win.

2 years ago
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