Attorney General moves to open probe into blackmail of judge

Panama’s  Attorney General of Kenia Porcell followed up her report on a meeting with  interim Supreme Court President Hernan De Leon, by filing on Tuesday, August 14, a complaint with  the Prosecutor’s Office of Primary Care to investigate the facts that were communicated to her by Judge Hernán De León on July 30, at an “informal” meeting in her  office.

De León confessed to Porcell that he is the object of “blackmail” because of a recording of him   that would be used to coerce and “knock down” the investigation  of  the former president Ricardo Martinelli accused of ordering the illegal wiretapping of political opponents, journalists and judicial figures.

Porcell made a public call to De León, to file a complaint for the recordings of those allegedly targeted.

“This is a primary obligation of the presiding magistrate, Article 112 of the Code of Criminal Procedure establishes that the offended party must present the complaint,” said Porcell.

The prosecutor stressed that it could be a crime of possible violation of privacy. “I urge him to repeat and publicly say what he told me,” Porcell said

“They recorded me, they recorded me”  she said the magistrate told her during a conversation they had held in private fourteen days ago and that came to light yesterday, after the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office decided to divulge it. .

The conversation between Porcell and De León would be related to the decision to be taken by the Plenary of the Supreme Court of Justice on the protection of guarantees presented by the legal defense of Ricardo Martinelli regarding his competence to continue with the process The ex- president resigned to his role  of deputy of the Parlacen. However, a ruling by the House ratified the decision of the  judge of guarantees , Jerónimo Mejía, that the trial against Martinelli will continue in the Court.

From El Renacer prison where he has been held since his extradition from the US on June 11, Martinelli immediately issued a denial of wiretapping the judge.

On  at least one of his appearances in court Martinelli in  an outburst promised to shake the country with his revelations.