Assembly to investigate vote buying allegations against judges

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Supreme court judges Winston Spadafora and Alberto Cigarruista must assume responsibility for defending themselves before the National Assembly for allegedly buying votes for their ratification as judges in January 2002.
The statement comes from the new president of the Supreme Court , Aníbal Salas .

"The institution does not provide counsel to anyone," said Salas, adding that each has to defend his "personal sphere".

Cigarruista is currently vice president of the Court and chairman of the Civil Chamber, while Spadafora is president of the Chamber of Administrative Litigation.

Both are part of the case file CEMIS that the Court must send to the Assembly following a decision by a majority of judges.

The Legislature will investigate the complaint made by then deputy Balbina Herrera in January 2002 , about $1.5 million dollars allegedly distributed among r colleagues to ensure the vote for Spadafora and Cigarruista.

Anibal Salas said Spadafora did not seek explanations for the cancellation of his visa to enter the United States in December 2005.

"That's a personal matter for the judge," he said.

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