3 dead, 5 critically hurt in first carnival accident

1,140Views 2Comments Posted 24/02/2017

THE CARNIVAL Joint Task Force got an early call to action on Friday, Feb.24 with the death of three people and critical injuries to another five when a pickup crashed in a remote area of Chiriqui province.

The accident happened on the Cerro Viejo highway, Viguí county sector. The director general of the National

Protection, José Donderis, said that the event occurred when the pickup struck a fixed object. .

Several people were trapped in the vehicle because of the heavy impact.

Due to thee remoteness,  of the accident site  and the incident The case was handled by the Joint Task Force, activated for Carnival.

There were no highway deaths through the first day of Carnival in 2016. Tle latest death toll brings the total in Chiriqui this year to 18.