OPINION: A bubble of immunity

518Views 0Comments Posted 05/03/2018

MUCH has been said about the electoral criminal jurisdiction and how it has been abused until it has been converted into a kind of perennial bubble of immunity. At the time, several of the most conspicuous investigated for crimes against the public administration participated in the elections that the CD celebrated in January and, when it seemed that this armor was coming to an end, that party returns to call internal elections. They r reasons will have to spend so much time on it, but it is unusual that some of these nominated candidates do not even actively participate in the election, given that they are not in the country or are unaccounted for. When will be the day on which electoral reforms remove the bond from the Electoral Tribunal and allow it to Immediately effect everything that prevents the Public Prosecutor's Office from imposing the appropriate precautionary measures?

The electoral authorities should proceed in expeditiously. Not doing so can mark with a stigma the good name of our principal institution in electoral matters. That, in a country thirsting for justice, should not happen ... LA PRENSA, Mar. 5.