Nine Panamanians sign with major leagues

Leonardo Bernal got a $600,000 signing bonus

516Views 0Comments Posted 16/01/2021

Nine Panamanian players signed with different organizations of the Major Leagues,  on Friday, January 15, and another six will follow them.

The list of new prospects is made up of Leonardo Bernal (San Luis Cardinals), Mauricio Pierce (San Francisco Giants), Roger Lasso (Dodgers), Yariel Moreno (San Diego Padres), Juan Diego Alonso (Dodger), Edward Rodríguez ( Ranger), Austin Aldeano (Cleveland), Andrés Silvera (Pirates) and Edwin Hidalgo (Angels).

By next week it is expected that another six Isthmian players will also become part of these organizations.

Due to the pandemic, this procurement process was delayed,

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