Missing tourists found alive in Barú Volcano Park

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Two tourists were found alive in the Barú Volcano National Park, on Sunday after a search lasting more than 24 hours by a team made up of park rangers from the Ministry of the Environment volunteers and agents of the security forces.

According to the Ministry of the Environment, the father  Alcides Gómez and his son of the same name entered the through the Paso Ancho area at 7:45 am on Friday, December 3.

Crisly Quintero, regional director of the Ministry of the Environment, said that this was the first case of missing persons registered so far this year in the Barú Volcano National Park where in 11 months more than 7,600 visitors entered this protected area.

Armando Palacios, regional director of the National Civil Protection System, (Sinaproc) said tourists or hikers who wish to enter parks, trails, or forests should be accompanied by certified guides to avoid situations to regret.

Technicians from the Ministry of the Environment, volunteers from the NGO, SAR Panama, the National Police, the Fire Department, the Red Cross, and the National Civil Protection System participated in the search.

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For the rescuers: Thank you so much for finding my family ! I appreciate each one of you! I can't find words to express how thankful I am . god bless you all

1 month ago
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