“Maelstrom of scandal and corruption”  - business leader

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For more than a decade, Panama has experienced a maelstrom of scandals related to corruption and lack of transparency, which has worsened during the pandemic said, Ramon Icaza president of  Panama’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday, October 12. “We are really concerned about the direction the country is taking and we citizens have to wake up,” he told the General Assembly of the Chamber on Tuesday, October 12.

The businessman then argued that for the functioning of democracy there must be a real rule of law and a citizenry that in all its roles respects the laws and is committed to values ​​such as honesty.

Icaza addressed key issues for the national future, such as electoral reforms, the reactivation of the economy and the need for credit for companies, the sectors to bet on to generate employment, as well as the management of public finances and the evolution of the dialogue to define the future of pensions, the latter subject that he described as "urgent and fundamental."



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George Klk

Panama: Not One Panama National Assembly Ever Spoke Out Against Corruption! Yet, here it is... “Maelstrom of scandal and corruption” - business leader Where is the investment coming from if international investments sees this... “Maelstrom of scandal and corruption” by the business community.? Where is Panama bread coming from, the Panama National Assembly? Think again, their family comes first because it about... [HONOR]!!! Panama National Assembly... Pres. Cortizo / Abrego / Martinelli / Ferrugia... [HONOR]! Honor comes with a slap, fist, body throw, foul language, legal accusations for the truth, impunity, riots and police crowd control tools and weapons, blood and threats of life and prison. Honor to keep government official family payrolls with non-Transparency. Honor provides ham and milk to the poor Panama citizens. Honor wants to re-elect a powerful, healthy, strong man... Martinelli who yells and curses for with his weak back from surgery. Honor is nothing but the lack of truth from an unconstitutional government who will never give bread of democracy to the Panama citizens in their own home land. The proud Panama Canal Expansion belongs to the Panama National Assembly and President!

1 month ago
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