Limits on ships disemnarking

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Passengers and crew  of vessels from  six countries where coronavirus has been reported -China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain and France- will not be allowed to disembark in  Panama says the Maritime Authority (AMP) The measure applies cruise ships, mini cruises, deep draft ships and yachts

The disembarkation of passengers or crew who for exceptional reasons are in transit to the airport is excepted, the latter being previously authorized and escorted to the airport, according to the protocols of the Ministry of Health.

"The disembarkation of crew members will be allowed, as long as they do not come from a risk area and are previously approved by the regional directors who must coordinate with the liaison in accordance with the provisions of international health regulations," says an AMP statement

Dsomestic service vessels that operate exclusively in jurisdictional waters of Panama, may continue to operate as long as their crew or passengers do not come from abroad.

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Oh Ya, as of March 17 only citizens and residents will be allowed in with a mandatory 14 day self quarantine. No foreigners

4 months ago
Oh ya

What about the tourists. Panama needs to shut that down also

4 months ago
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