Lawyer facing Martinelli $5 million demand   won’t claim prostate cancer

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Former Panama president Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014) continues his promised rampage against those he seem as having crossed his path in a trial for illegal wiretapping.

The latest to appear in his sights is  Carlos Herrera Morán one of the prosecuting lawyers wiretapping case,  who now faces a claim for the payment of $5 million.

Martinelli's lawyers filed the complaint with the Office of Primary Care of the Attorney General's Office for the alleged commission of slander and insult and alleging "psychological, commercial, business, social, family and political moral damage."


Roniel Ortiz, Shirley Catañeda, Jessica Canto, Iván Gantes and Rodrigo Mejía, from the legal team of the ex-plaintiff, allege that their client,s  banks have closed savings, checking, fixed-term and credit lines.

They provided statements offered by Herrera Morán to La Estrella de Panamá on August 18, 2019, in which he referred to the judgment of the Court in which Martinelli was declared “not guilty” of four crimes.

The former president was accused, among other things, of running a spy network that tapped d politicians, businessmen, activists and journalists between 2012 and 2014.

After that decision, which meant his release from prison, Martinelli legally his critics, including multi-million dollar claims against Supreme Court of judges, Jerónimo Mejía and Herry Díaz, who acted as judge of guarantees and prosecutor respectively in the initial stage of the puncture process.

Martinelli asks in his complaint to be evaluated by psychologists and psychiatrists to determine his alleged affectations.

Meanwhile, Herrera Morán recalled that the last word in the case of wiretapping has not been said since the process is again in the hands of the Supreme Court due to the presentation of an appeal.

"Their supposed effects on mental health are congenital and I have nothing to do with their nonsense," said Herrera Morán.

“I will defend myself with dignity and courage. I will not invent prostate cancer or take refuge in the den of thieves. ” (While in self in Miami, Martinelli claimed to have cancer but the symptoms   disappeared  when he returned to Panama

Upon hearing about the start of an investigation against him, in 2015 Martinelli left Panama for Guatemala, where he became a deputy of the Central American Parliament, a regional forum that he once accused of being a “den of thieves” ”' cave.

During the process against him, the ex-plaintiff complained on several occasions that he suffered a series of diseases with risk of death.


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George Klk

Panama | Former Pres. Marinelli Money Crimes Part of Doing Business. Martinelli can play the victim with cancer and sets up strategies for lawsuits. Martinelli knew he would come back victorious, his lawyers are complicit. Martinelli lawyer shot and killed, Martinelli has no fear. Martinelli stole from PAN (food for the poor) for the Israeli Pegasus spy equipment. Martinelli has no conscious for the welfare of the people he governed as president. Martinelli was considered loco before his presidential election, acted out with yelling and screaming and sticking out his thumbs with a book in hand. Martinelli needed peace and quiet to read his book...lawyers took care of the rest. Martinelli now wants to sue judges...the thing lawyers should be afraid of... not Martinelli's lawyers! Martinelli is basically the...Godfather of Panama...a crime boss!

4 months ago
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