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La Prensa on the failure of the company awarded a $25 million contract to provide free internet access across the country.
MARCH 23 - Hoy por Hoy - Again, a worthwhile project is an excuse to deprive the State of millions of dollars. The interconnection program  that the Government has implemented for Internet users nationwide has been problematic, and we have invested in a somewhat mediocre project. From the first tender, the project has generated suspicion, because the most costly supplier won the contract. The excuse was that the company had the best technical bid, a feature which is precisely the problem of interconnection. Now there are dozens of ways in the country where anyone can et free fconnection to the internet in dozens of ways. So surely, the company that won the tender has found no obstacles.

This is the problem of the state, the waste of resources in investments that lack the control necessary to require efficiency. Now the question is: what will the government do ? Whatever it does , it  cannot turn a blind eye, because this company is charging for a service that is only half running andat the price for a full operation.

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