Cuba offers medical scholarships for FARC fighters

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CUBA has offered both the Colombian government and FARC guerrillas one thousand scholarships to study medicine in the island — their way of “contributing” to the peace agreement.

Jose Luis Ponce, Cuban ambassador in Bogota, made the offer in a letter addressed to Chief Guerrilla Negotiator Ivan Marquez  says El Nuevo Herald

[caption id="attachment_69368" align="alignleft" width="292"] Cuba has an internationally renowned medical school[/caption]

The letter, dated March 14, offers 500 scholarships to be distributed by the government and another 500 to be distributed by FARC over the next five years.

The war against guerrilla groups in Colombia has left at least 260,000 dead, 60,000 missing and 6.9 million displaced.

Cuba has been both an intermediary and host to the dialogues since 2012.

On March 9, it was announced that guerrillas will have other benefits.

A bill is reportedly being drafted that would allow FARC members to create and participate in private security companies.

In addition, the Colombian government approved 1,200 FARC members to work as bodyguards.

Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo signed a series of decrees that were approved by President Juan Manuel Santos creating a security guard program for FARC members and members of Voices of Peace, which represents the guerrilla group in Congress.

The program creates 1,200 positions for body guards in the National Protection Unit, which is responsible for assessing the risks of each person and ensuring their protection.


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Well the nasayers .at least they are offering them something to get them out of the game .for yrs they chased them around shooting at them just as America has done in the middle east and what have you gained .15 yrs chasing a few guys with AK47s and you still cant beat them in Irag .i bet your the same bunch that think you would win a war against Russia .remember the US has not won a war on its OWN since 1776 .came in late in WWII and helped nuke japan after you put them in a blockade and forced them into war or starve to death .butt kicked in Korea .Vietnam .and so far the middle east .so dont knock Cuba for their offer

2 years ago

The government of Cuba has NEVER been on a the US terrorist watch list. Cuba has ALWAYS deployed its military for humanitarian reasons: road building, medical training, medical care, so there is nothing new here other than the sheer number of scholarships being offered. Indeed, what could possibly go wrong?

2 years ago
Richard Charron

Ah! the just rewards of terrorism. We are certainly living in an alternate universe. Good works are chastised and scrutinized while murder, violence and drug trafficking are rewarded. Time to build an ark.

2 years ago
Candid Curmudgeon

What could possibly go wrong?

2 years ago
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