La Chorrera raid lifts weekend cocaine seizure to seven tons

COCAINE haul worth $70 million in the US

1,088Views 0Comments Posted 29/07/2019

Narco-traffickers  rook another hard hit on Sunday when over three tons of cocaine was seized by the National Aeronaval Service (Senan) off  La Chorrera bringing the weekend tally to 7 tons

The drugs were aboard two  25-foot high-speed boats fitted with 200 hp engines that were intercepted between Puerto Caimito and Playa Leona carrying  94 sacks containing 2,805 packages totaling three tons and with a value of  $70 million in the US.

The latest haul follows the capture of four tons of drugs off Isla Grande on the Atlantic coast on Saturday. Both seizures were part of Operation 001 Uniendo Fuerza.

Senan Commissioner Eliécer Cárdenas confirmed the arrest of traffickers and said that investigations were underway in Panama West to trace links.

Cárdenas reported that they have already confiscated more than 8 tons of drugs in July.

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