Journalist describes  "on knees" Martinelli use of power

Castalia Pascual

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With a sob-filled voice the journalist of the AM newscast of TVN Noticias, Castalia  Pascual broke her silence on Tuesday, October 12, during the Mesa de  periodistas program about the bitter personal experience that she lived in relation to the telephone interceptions during the administration of former president Ricardo Martinelli who is now facing a  second wiretap trial.

Visibly affected by the memories of the experience, where the political power of Ricardo Martinelli (2009 - 2014) made her " kneel " and move away from the journalistic scene, Castalia Pascual reported that she was "violated and alone", after Martinelli gave the order to transfer a relative in recovery from addiction problems, to the La Joya Penitentiary Center in the worst conditions

“ After 18 months of treatment, he took him from a farm and put him in the worst cell in La Joya and I had to shut up and kneel to his power (…) It is the first time that I dare to speak. Martinelli told me not to mess with his children and I do not mess with your family," said the social communicator.

Pascual said that, in the middle of a last interview with the former president, he asked for forgiveness. In addition, she told the audience of the Mesa de Periodistas that after the revelation of this personal chapter in her life that it is related to the case of the telephone jabs, she declared herself prevented from addressing the issue.

The former Panamanian president, who is being tried on a second occasion for this case and whose trial is in the witness presentation phase, starred in an incident with former deputy José Luis “Popi” Varela outside the Accusatory Penal System on the morning of Monday, October  11 described as embarrassing by different sectors of society.

“And I have to say something very frank in front of my news director (Axel Rivera). I personally declare myself prevented from addressing this issue, ”said Pascual.

Regarding the wiretap case, Pascual stated that “ nothing is going to happen here. But the Panamanian people have to understand the seriousness of the problem so that no one else will use the power again for this. "

Martinelli is also being investigated for other cases related to corruption crimes

After the revelation, Pascual received thousands of messages of solidarity praising her for having the courage to speak out.


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George Klk

Panama: Altercation Martinelli / Popi Varela - Link for viewers! Altercation between Ricardo Martinelli and Popi Varela in the Accusatory Criminal System.

1 month ago
George Klk

Panama: Martinelli's Biggest Power - Martinelli / Ferrugia Offshore Control Headquarter. Martinelli's Power and Victory will come in the form of the Martinelli / Ferrugia - [Pact]!!! Martinelli / Ferrugia - Pact with an Italian financial headquarter underground operation. Ferrugia as the head banker for an Italian takeover community with Mafia style operations. Martinelli's pardon and release of... [Hundreds]... of prisoners proves his power to support underground criminal activities with a fool proof legal system in his favor! Martinelli's only weakness and mistake was leaving his sons to be apprehended in Guatemala. Martinelli's eagerness for his $28 million left his sons unsworn as Guatemala deputy members. Martinelli's sons are now in the hands of the United States to legally question the criminal activities Martinelli's sons have been involved with since the powerful mafia control of their father! Martinelli seeks to quash anyone he deems his enemies for total control of Panamanians! Martinelli is no longer satisfied with $billions at his possession... Martinelli wants it all! ALL PANAMANIANS WILL BEND TO HIS WILL... BEND THEIR KNEES TO MARTINELLI POWER!!!

1 month ago
George Klk

Panama: Martinelli will Return in Victory... Power - Power and More Power. Power over Judges, Lawyer, Business men and Journalists. Power over the former General Attorney with a lawsuit to take away her home. Power to threaten witnesses with accusations in broad public daylight!!! Power to walk into a bank and state the... BOSS, and take untold sums of money! Power to have someone hand deliver a large suitcase of money to his door! Power to have his sons act as intermediaries to delivery money launder money to him, $28 million. Power to interfer and manipulate businesses for his own profit! Power to manhandle a witness in broad daylight with immense strength and agility. Power to get Castalia Pascual to bend her knee to him and send a family member to prison. Power to release hundreds of dangerous criminals to the streets of Panama! Power to monitor someone's bedroom sexual affairs and warn his victims. Power to enlist Chichi De Obarrio to summon his $14 million/bribes of $1 million: Wedding/ home. Power to join Guatemala Parlacen for Impunity! Power - Power - Power for the weak Panamanians with an... Unconstitutional government with three (3) Unconstitutional advisors... "I can do whatever I want!" Who were Martinelli's Unconstitutional advisors or was he acting alone? Panama National Assembly power to get re-elected for wealth and... power! Power to steal the very dirt from the Panama citizens for their resources and jobs with the sale of President Cortizo's Cow Compost-Fertizer with the aid of Yanibel Abrego and damages of lake size excavations with erosions and breeding mosquito breeding grounds. Power to obtain 71 expensive vehicles for 71 entitled deputies (Kings and Queens). Power for absolute underground legislation for all avenues for non-Transparency. Power for the government and the Panamanians ciizens are servants and slaves! Martinelli now wants re-election with another powerful new political party! President Cortizo wants... UNITY!!!

1 month ago
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