Health Ministry confirms three dengue deaths

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Dengue has killed three people so far this year, in Panama and there are 1,500 confirmed cases across the country with 90 of them  showing cause for alarm. Two of the victims were in San Miguelito and one in Panama City although both areas do not have the highest dengue incidence rates.

 There were three deaths across the country throughout 2018.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) has called on the population to clean up sites where mosquitos can breed.

in Colón, where there are 400 cases the Minsa organized a cleaning day that focused on communities such as Villa del Caribe, Villa Luzmila, the city of Colón, Sabanitas and Puerto Pilón.

The region
Dengue cases are also being closely monitored by the health authorities of Central America, due to deaths recorded in several countries.

In Guatemala, 12,081 cases and 27 deaths have been reported, while in Nicaragua there are 697 cases, with 7 deaths.

In Honduras, a health alert was declared for, 58 dengue deaths.


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