Guatemala rejects Martinelli son's appeal against extradition to US

Trap closing on Martinelli brothers

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The Guatemalan justice system denied appeals filed by Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares' lawyer, seeking to prevent him from being extradited to the United  States, to face trial for conspiracy to commit crimes related to the Odebrecht scandal.

The Second Chamber of the Guatemala Court of Appeals has denied the protection of guarantees that Martinelli Linares filed against the third judge of the Guatemalan criminal sentence, in charge of handling the request for extradition received from the United States.

The lawyer filed an appeal against the ruling.

For now, it has not been possible to establish a hearing date to review the extradition request of the United States against Ricardo Alberto and his brother Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares because both have presented a series of appeals, many of which, according to the Public Ministry of Guatemala are inappropriate reports TVN

The  brothers were arrested last July in Guatemala as they were boarding  a private plane

In the appeal, the alleged violation of Martinelli Linares' rights was alleged and that his detention was illegal, given his status as a "diplomat" and alternate deputy of Parlacen, despite the fact that he was never sworn in and has never held that position.

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Here we have persons so used to just paying their way out of the troubles their misdeeds create, that they are scrambling to extricate themselves from the quicksand that is a legal US extradition request. There is no doubt that if they had managed to get on that plane they would have been home free in Panama with the clout and dollars of el loco behind them. Maybe these will be the first martinellis to ever really feel the heavy hand of an actual legal system. We can only hope.

27 days ago
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