“Fisher” operation nets 56 including  9 officials with Gulf Clan ties

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Javier Caraballo the acting attorney general announced on Wednesday that a total of 56 people, linked to the Gulf Clan, have been provisionally apprehended, after carrying out a total of 64 search procedures.

Caraballo, who was accompanied by the director of the National Police, John Omar Dornheim Castillo, and the director of the National Aeronaval Service, Jeremías Urieta Quintero, said that among those arrested were nine officials including five from security services .

Four are members of the National Police, among them, an officer with the rank of major and a captain of the National Air Naval Service.  There is also an official from the Ministry of Education, two officials from the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), and one from a Communal Board in the province of Colón.

The operation called "Fisher" was part of an investigation that began a little less than two years ago, destined or directed to dismantle one of the groups that served as logistical support to the criminal organization in Panama.

This criminal group, according to the attorney in charge Caraballo, had the mode of operating the receipt of large quantities of drugs from Colombia, along the Atlantic coast, province of Colón and Bocas del Toro, where it was stored and later delivered to other groups. with whom the Gulf Clan had previously negotiated.

According to Caraballo, in Panama this group had Jorge Luis General as its leader r. The main characters of the 56 apprehended had no criminal record, that is, they were in the criminal world for a long time and had managed to evade the authorities.

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