Facebook sanctions former president Ricardo Martinelli

911Views 7Comments Posted 09/05/2021

 Ricardo Martinelli  has joined  Donald Trump and Nicolás Maduro in the Unholy  Trinity  of  presidents and ex-presidents  sanctioned by Facebook he revealed on Twitter on Sunday without giving more details of the "punishment" by the social network  

He decided to open a new account and directly blamed the "trolls" of the government for blocking his account.

The measure does not remove Martinelli's page from the platform, but "freezes it for 30 days, in which only the previous content of the account can be read", but nothing new can be published. e for a month for having "violated his policy against disinformation about covid-19."

In a video, Maduro promoted the use of Carvativir, an antiviral extracted from thyme that the Venezuelan president has ordered to be given to patients with covid-19 as a complementary treatment, despite the fact that there is no evidence that it is effective and safe against the virus. Maduro had already criticized the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, for not allowing him to upload some videos in which he talked about the drug.

Who is in charge in Venezuela, the owner of Facebook? Who rules the world, the owner of Facebook? Abuser Zuckerberg is a tremendous abuser. The world has to reflect on the abuses of social networks. They are billionaire people who want to impose their truths, their reasons, their abuses on the world, “said Maduro.

That message was similar to the one issued by former US President Donald Trump after Facebook, Twitter andYouTube permanently suspended his accounts on each of their platforms, due to their responsibility in the assault on the Capitol on January 6.

Trump, who was still in power when that permanent suspension took place, affirmed then that Twitter had "gone further and further in prohibiting freedom of expression," while the social network insisted that it could not allow any speech that may incite hatred or attacks like the one on the Capitol.

Currently, Trump's Facebook account remains suspended following the decision of Facebook's supervisory board.

In a statement published on May 5, the panel recommended that the company review the decision within six months and publicly detail its sanctions policy.

Facebook decided that the independent supervisory council made up of 20 members, including lawyers, human rights defenders, and journalists, would be in charge of making the decision whether or not to reestablish the Facebook and Instagram accounts of the former US president.