Covid-19 extends Martinelli brothers jail stay

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The Guatemalan Judicial Dustem suspended activities on Wednesday afternoon due, to COVID-19. This means that the brothers Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli will have to cool their heels in preventive detention until the courts resume operations.

The temporary stoppage according to the Presidency of the Guatemalan Judicial Organism will be until July 23. The defense lawyer for the Martinelli Linares brothers in Guatemala, Dennis Cuesy said that the suspension "definitely affects them".

The brothers, sons of former president Ricardo Martinelli are awaiting separate hearings for extradition to the United States to face money laundering charges.

Ricardo Alberto Martinelli had the extradition hearing scheduled for s Friday, July 10, but after the cancellation of judicial activities, the date for the judicial procedure is unknown.

No date had been set for his brother’s appearance.


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Snake Pliskin

Very true. They better hurry up and make their bribes.

1 month ago

So they were to go to USA Friday but now on ice until the 23rd? Yeah the bribes are being offered and there's a good chance they escape. Once they get to the USA chance of escape is slim so this is their last opportunity.

1 month ago
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