Covid-19 cases jump 115 to 558

621Views 0Comments Posted 25/03/2020

Health Minister Rosario Turner reported on Wednesday, March 25, that while the number of cases of covid-19  reached 558,  it was confirmed that the first two patients diagnosed in Panama are already recovered and that there is a case that came out of intensive care from the Social Security Fund.

Of the 559 cases, 484 cases are in home isolation. There are 66 hospitalized with  20 are in intensive care and 46 cases in wards.

The death toll remains at eight, says the Ministry’s director of Epidemiology, Lourdes Moreno.

The Ministry of Health reported that in the last 72 hours, it has applied $10,000 in fines in 35 establishments. "We are going to widen the margin of the fine from $50,000 to $100,000 said, Minister Turner.

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