Bar association challenge president on education promises

Bar Association offices

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The National Bar Association (CNA) has added its voice to spreading concerns over a government move to equate  work experience in the public sector with formal education which conflicts with election promises on education.

On Sunday, September 8, the  Association  asked President Laurention Cortizo  for clarification of an

August 6, resolution which equates the necessary formal education with previous work experience within the General Manual of Occupational Classes in the Public Sector. The manual is the technical reference that contains  the description of each occupational class

 The resolution would conflict with the promises of  Cortizo, that education will be the star that would guide the Government.

According to the CNA, Law 9 of 1984 regulates the practice of law in Panama and establishes clearly and precisely the requirements for the exercise of the same. Several other organizations and citizens have reacted by this resolution.

The star
The union asks Cortizo to subscribe to his promise: “Education is the Star that will illuminate the country” and says that the  ANC supports initiatives that in educational matters that serve to increase the quality of services in the public sector, administration of justice and society in general.

The lawyers have called on society in general and professionals to verify that public positions are exercised by qualified professionals, in accordance with provisions of the Law.