Banking snafu draws ire of customers and  regulators

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Police arrived as mediators at some Banco General branches on Saturday morning after

customer complaints reversals in their accounts.  The bank communicated

that “the charges made will be reversed in the next few hours”.

Banco General apologized for these charges made Friday, September 3.

Banco General clients reported on social networks the charges made to their accounts,

which ended up causing variations in their money balances. Some of these clients went to

the branches to make the respective inquiries.

Bank staff stressed the apologies of the entity at the time that people approached the branches.

In some branches, agents of the National Police were present to mediate between clients, who

indicated that their accounts were without money.

The Superintendency of Banks deplored the events that occurred with the affected

clients. They pointed out that as banking regulators, they continue to provide follow-up to

"seek a legal balance between the banking system and its clients."

“We categorically demand that the banking entities act prudently and


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George Klk

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