Bail for fugitive Martinelli sons appealed

Martinelli sons at the time of arrest in Miami

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The Public Ministry  has presented an Amparo of guarantees against the decision to grant  bail to  the two   fugitive sons of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli l

The Second Superior Court granted bonds not to be detained, of $2 million each, to Ricardo Martinelli -  Ricardo Alberto "Rica" and Luis Enrique "Kike" Martinelli Linares part of the investigation of bribes paid by  Odebrecht in Panama.

The decision in March,  was signed by María de Lourdes Estrada Villar and José Hoo Justiniani, revokes a ruling of l January 10 by the twelfth criminal judge, Óscar Carrasquilla, who had denied the request for bail to the fugitives.

The brothers, are accused of f money laundering and  were imposed with the precautionary measure to prevent them from leaving the country. They were last seen in the United States.

They face two requests for extradition and a red alert from Interpol, within two judicial processes followed by the Public Ministry: that of Odebrecht-Switzerland and that of Blue Apple, both regarding the payment of bribes to officials and those close to the government de Martinelli (2009-2014).

In November 2018 they were detained by US immigration agents. In Floral Gables  Miami  where the family has a mansion. A  judge released them in exchange for a $1 million bond for each but their current location is unknown, although one of the brothers had been reported to be in San Francisco.



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Well Snake I agree they are great at tracking people down but being that they are hispanic they can hide out and be protected forever in any democrat sanctuary city. The police won't ask about their status. Sadly if they stay off social media and use cash they can die old men in any democrat pisshole in America.

1 month ago
Snake Pliskin

This wont last. Its nearly impossible to hide in the US for any length of time. They will be caught again. The US government is professional at extracting money from criminals. Just wish they would keep them behind bars. I think it is pretty crappy that the US gave them bail instead of extraditing them immediately. That money should have went to Panama.

1 month ago
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