Anti-corruption crusade not political - Varela

460Views 0Comments Posted 28/10/2017

THE CURRENT crusade against corruption "is not a  political or partisan  matter”  but something that seeks to "defend the interests of the population", to benefit all  citizens, "without raising taxes for anyone," said President Juan Carlos Varela on Saturday, Oct.28.

The fight against corruption "is an effort of all Panamanians for the cleaning of the public administration, "Varela  said during a ribbon cutting ceremony In Divisa, Herrera.

On Friday, dozens of outraged citizens protested in front of the Supreme Court, the place where controversial decisions have been made in recent days in cases in which potential injuries to the State's  assets or money laundering assets are investigated.

The protest came two days after a ruling of the Twelfth Criminal Court by substitute judge Lania Batista was announced. She denied giving more time to the Special Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office to continue investigating the payment of Odebrecht bribes to Panamanian officials and individuals even though the prosecution caseload had multiplied.

There will be a march against corruption and impunity on Calle 50, on Tuesday. Oct.31, starting at 4.30 pm.