Aeronaval Service makes fourth major drug seizure in  a month

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 The National Aeronaval Service (Senan)  has confirmed the seizure pf  another  2,488 packages of drugs off the coast of Punta Mala, in the  Pedasí district of Los Santos province

Enzon Castillo, head of the Fourth Senan region said that a patrol on the coast of the Santeño Pacific a boat was intercepted.

Three Costa Ricans were apprehended, the Delegate Prosecutor for Drugs of Herrera and Los Santos has already begun an investigation.

This is the second shipment of drugs seized in less than a week on the coast of Pedasí and the fourth seizure in less than a month in the area.

The first was 1,298 kilos of cocaine, on the coast of El Valle de Tonosí, while the second was east of the coast of Punta Mala, when 1,200 packages of drugs were seized.

On November 3, a thousand packages of drugs were seized also south of Punta Mala


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Some cartel bosses are going to be really upset

8 months ago
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