Huawei Technologies Secretly Funding Harvard

1,954Views 0Comments Posted 02/05/2024

Huawei Technologies is secretly funding cutting-edge research at American universities including Harvard through an independent Washington-based foundation. The blacklisted Chinese tech giant is the sole funder of a research competition that has awarded millions of dollars since its inception in 2022, and it’s attracted hundreds of proposals from scientists around the world. They include those at top US universities that have banned researchers from working with the company. Huawei is also sponsoring 5G internet capabilities in Panama. The infrastructure partly used by Más Móvil in the test they carried out at the MoveOn event at the Megapolis Convention Center was operated with Huawei technology. The first tests of the 5G network began last week after the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP) loaned a part of the spectrum of the 3.5 GHz band to the company Más Móvil of Cable & Wireless Panamá to run this new technology which increases the connection speed.